Glaze - Frequently Asked Questions

Does Glaze have reverse engineering capablities?
Yes, if you need a part for an existing piece of equipment and you don't have drawings or documentation. Our engineering department can reverse-engineer a single part or multiple parts of your machine. When our work is complete, you’ll have the needed drawing to accompany your part for any future needs.

Do you offer same-day emergency service?
We’re available for extended hours to provide convenient emergency and same-day service. The engineering department is always on hand to lend support and offer solutions or suggestions.

Do you help during system installation?
We work with you through the entire system development process, from initial systems concept to final integration. All along the way, our engineers can help you make informed decisions about your manufacturing requirements and resources.

What size projects do you do?
Large projects or small. Whether your project needs a full design and build, an improvement of a current design, or a duplicate of a current system, Glaze is your best value supplier.

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